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Bulldoze your own ‘Great Wall’ of the mind

Who said some people are creative and others aren’t? When you wake up, aren’t you creating your daily experience? What if the creative expression of you is ready to bulldoze those mind constructs, that sometime seem to be greater than the ‘Great Wall of China’? What if behind those building blocks inspiration is rumbling, ready to rock your life experience?

The birth of you is quite the creative process, in every millisecond, just you being and living, is creation in action, is it not? Switching a minds eye to a deeper awareness, allows each brick to fall and deframe, dismantle and destroy, any building that blinds the mind of limiting beliefs. Do yourself a favour and nurture your inner exploration and use the fab age old art of writing to see your creative genius rise.

Maria Popova the founder of Brainpickings, plays out her exploration and shares with thousands, her discoveries in her own hunger for deeper exploration of who and how? Be inspired through the poetic language, books and letters, from those that have walked and wondered before, with fab weekly free subscription, for soul searching strategies and developing your creative consciousness.

A few tips to bulldoze your own ‘Great Wall’ of the mind & develop your creative consciousness

  1. Write when you don’t feel like it. Allow the jot to jibber on a napkin or notebook.  
  2. Let go of the rights and wrongs, no rules in creation in action.
  3. Meditate – it’s an ocean of inspiration, when what you already know, falls away.
  4. Criticism is not a friend to creative expression, know when to invite this little tool in the door.
  5. Turn up and say ‘YES’ to whatever it is you want to play in, a child mind says yes to learning and does not know the fear of failing.
  6. Emotion is fuel for the fire of form, harness it, use it and then create with it, it is a torpedo to transformation when used wisely.

Have fun in the exploration of creative expression for a life lived, directed from the heart with full freedom. You may as well. Marie Louise

image: Ms. Beat Rice’s Ordinary Life 打米的平常生活

sculpture image: Nikolay Polissky’s Universe Mind sculpture